Review: Rex Orange County – ‘Sunflower’


Whilst a little messy at times, 'Sunflower' does prove that Rex Orange County undoubtedly has potential with his sound.

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From young singer-songwriter Rex Orange County comes the new single ‘Sunflower,’ a genre-mixing and rather experimental track which pays tribute to the music that has influenced his generation and area.

It’s this blending which works as both a help and a hindrance to young Rex. ‘Sunflower’ combines elements of R&B, blues, and indie rock for a smooth and rather mellow track. The core guitar and drums are cool and rather low-key, with added trumpets only heightening the soulful flair. It feels undeniably cool and fun, but the mixture is a little disorienting and a tad mismatched at times.

It feels like Rex has a lot of ideas that just can’t quite mesh properly. It’s as if the young musician has so many great ideas that he’s thrown them all together at once and brought it in as one song, instead of balancing or spreading it out over an extended project like 2016’s bcos u will never be free. If his ideas can be focused a little more, Rex is definitely onto something here.

‘Sunflower’ is out now


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