Review: Tinie Tempah feat. Jake Bugg – ‘Find Me’


Just no.

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I’m still at a bit of a loss to describe the so-called ‘song’ Tinie Tempah‘s made with Jake Bugg. While I ponder some more, I’ll throw over to the wonderful words of Twitter.

There were some who were disbelieving.

There were some who were… critical.

There were some who were scathing.

And there were some who were deluded positive.

You probably can guess my feelings on ‘Find Me.’ It’s the newest single from Tinie Tempah’s new album Youth, the title of which has a definite irony to it as, judging by its numerous delays, we’ll most likely be very old by the time we get to hear it.

As a composition, ‘Find Me’ is two pretty meh songs mashed together into one of the most bizarre and frankly terrible things to come out of 2017 so far. Each section is ridiculously repetitive and unimaginative – you’ve either got longing violins behind Bugg’s frankly dull “You’re gonna find me” croaks or what seems to be an accordion (‽) playing the same four notes over and over again to accompany Tempah’s rappy bit. Neither part is an escape from the other, and if you listen to it too many times – as I have done to write this review – you will feel like you’re going slightly insane.

Unlike Tempah’s most recent chart-bothering offering, where featured artist Tinashe is a saving grace on ‘Text From Your Ex,’ Bugg has no place on a Tinie Tempah track. His hits ‘Lightning Bolt’ and ‘Two Fingers’ are a simultaneously gritty and jivy joy for indie lovers, whereas Tempah’s niche is loud and large-scale pop bangers like ‘Not Letting Go’ and ‘Wonderman.’ We’d all be better off forgetting they ever agreed to collaborate on such a terrible record. Listen at your own peril.

‘Find Me’ is out now via Disturbing London and Parlophone


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