Review: Whitney – ‘Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can) / ‘You’ve Got A Woman’


If Whitney were a wine, they would be warm, full-bodied and sufficiently intoxicating.

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Formed in 2015 from the remnants of indie band, the Smith Westerns, Whitney have quickly climbed into the hearts of many indie lovers.

An amalgamation of sunny pop, psychedelia and country, the duo’s music style is experimental yet familiar. Catchy vocal melodies which hark back to sounds of the 1970s are their trademark stamp and are always accompanied by guitar, brass and strings parts which form a rich, warm sound. Following their debut EP, ‘Light Upon The Lake’, Whitney have just released two recordings of Dolly Parton and Lion originals.

‘Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can)’ and ‘You’ve Got A Woman’ allow the band to form bonds with their country and psych-pop influencers, whilst the recording of the tracks gives them a well earned rest from their hectic touring schedule. The B-side is the Dolly cover, which stands out in terms of raw emotion. Julien’s unique falsetto carries the vocals as if they were his own lyrics, and the duo transform the track into their own style with ease, creating the perfectly ironic tone of mournful celebration which keeps you confused yet wanting more.

‘You’ve Got A Woman’, however, feels more in keeping with Lion’s original, but with a fuller, more satisfying sound. The guitar solo and backing vocals in particular really bring the track back to the ’70s, creating perfect sunny-weather festival vibes.

The two covers have now been released by Secretly Canadian, and a vinyl EP will be available in June 2017.


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