Review: Paramore – ‘Hard Times’


A different but pleasingly welcome new sound from the band that keeps coming back for more, in spite of 'hard times'.

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Following yet another band line-up change, which saw Jeremy Davis’ departure and Zac Farro’s return, Paramore are back with a brand new single – and as it would seem, a brand new sound.

‘Hard Times’ is far from the rock-heavy sounds of the band’s earlier work, taking on a groovy, pop rhythm that acts as a cheery juxtaposition to the track’s morose lyrics. A change of pace is to be expected when the line-up of musicians is altered (again) and Paramore certainly aren’t the first rock band to progress into more popular, synthesised sounds in later albums. Happily though, the result of this comeback track comes as a welcome shock to the system.

Opening with an optimistic marimba infused riff, which is quickly embellished with a harsher guitar sound, the track serves as an upbeat anthem about the downbeats in life; the moments that “make you wonder why you even tried.” Oddly though, with its endlessly catchy chorus and colourful music video, ‘Hard Times’ is a very fun listen, brought to life by the energetic vocal stylings of Hayley Williams – the band’s focal point and one constant presence throughout the years.

A track that combines misery with motivation, the opening single of their fifth studio album proves to be a welcome return to the charts for Paramore – the band that keeps coming back for more, despite the ‘Hard Times’ that have befell them.

‘Hard Times’ is out now via Fueled by Ramen. After Laughter is set to be released on 12th May.


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