Review: The Mountain Goats – ‘Rain In Soho’


Dark, haunting, and truly magnetic, The Mountain Goats sound as captivating as ever.

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From Goths, The Mountain Goats‘ upcoming 16th studio album and first to omit guitars, ‘Rain In Soho’ may stand in stark contrast to ‘Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back To Leeds,’ but make no mistake about it: ‘Rain In Soho’ is just as exciting and only raises expectations even further.

Driven more by piano and drums than the strings and woodwind-led ‘Eldritch,’ ‘Rain In Soho’ is a dramatic and haunting affair. John Darnielle’s voice is as powerful as ever and his lyrics carry the poeticism that he come to be known for, and the accompanying Nashville Symphony Chorus adds backing vocals to give the song an eerie and ominous sound. It’s a darkly theatrical piece that, despite the lack of guitars, still has that distinctive Mountain Goats sound.

This has always been a truly captivating band, whether it be through their accessible sound or unique and somewhat quirky lyrics. ‘Rain In Soho’ finds them in their most spellbinding form – creatively, this feels like a band fresh out of the gates hitting their peak, not an act over a quarter of a century into their career. Goths may be The Mountain Goats’ most ambitious project yet but it’s also shaping up to be one of their best.

‘Rain In Soho’ is out now via Merge


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