Review: HAIM – ‘Right Now’


Delivering the cool and chilled vibe typical from HAIM with a newfound easygoing tone.

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Almost four years since debuting Days Are Gone, HAIM is finally revealing details of what new album Something To Tell You will bring in early July. To follow the early teasing, a video for ‘Right Now’ – directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and filmed in a one-take session – shows the sisters recording the song live in studio as the camera slowly moves around the room to captures the whole creative process. The visual effectively provides an authentic insight into their world.

Like the video, ‘Right Now’ itself is more stripped back and showcases their abilities as musicians. Essentially beginning with just a deep, haunting vocal and running with only a minimal backing throughout, its harsh and emotional lyrics can be noticed. From then on, each element introduces itself gradually, eventually becoming an uncomplicated recurring chorus over piano and bass chords. The pace is only altered towards the end by the introduction of percussion from two of the sisters, while Danielle Haim’s vocal becomes harsher.

The simplicity of ‘Right Now’ makes it less catchy compared to the first album, however the repetition of the title was stuck in my head long after I’d finished listening. A promising omen, this may be a non-upbeat return but it sets things up well for a mature new collection come July.

‘Right Now’ is out now via Polydor


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