Review: LCD Soundsystem – ‘call the police’


It's LCD Soundsystem. What else would you expect?

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Two years on from their reunion, indie-dance rock pioneers LCD Soundsystem bring us ‘call the police,’ half of a new single (with ‘american dream‘) that is their first since festive revival ‘Christmas Will Break Your Heart‘ and, more importantly, the first snippet of a new album in seven years. Adding to what is one of the all-time most critically-acclaimed discographies in history, anticipation for new LCD has been at boiling point for a while now and the task must have undoubtedly been a daunting one for James Murphy and co. However, as if you’d expect anything else, they’ve brought yet another stellar track.

‘call the police’ is irrefutably classic LCD Soundsystem. They’ve long been known as the kings of build and – like their defining track ‘All My Friends’ – ‘call the police’ builds and builds and builds. Upon a majestic baseline and steady drums, it executes the perfect takeoff into a soaring and rousing indie rock road song; ‘call the police’ revels in its extravagance and grandiose spectrum, resulting in a gem of a song that shows that Murphy has not lost one drop of the talents he’s exhibited in his past work. He’s still the same weary, wizened, age-fearing storyteller, now with added political bite. From a band that specialises in music for the older and the anxious, it’s no surprise that ‘call the police’ measures up against their best.

Despite the overflow of dance and indie acts in the decade-plus time frame of LCD’s existence, they still manage to sound unique at every turn. A welcome return from certifiable living legends, ‘call the police’ perfectly sets the band up to remind everyone just why and how they owned the ’00s and became one of the greatest acts of a generation.

Welcome back, LCD Soundsystem. It’s great to see you again.

‘call the police’ is out now via Columbia


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