Review: Lana Del Rey feat. The Weeknd – ‘Lust For Life’


A beautiful new release to stir a great deal of excitement for the upcoming album.

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Keeping with her truly luxurious style, Lana Del Rey‘s ‘Lust For Life’ follows her common theme of Hollywood nostalgia and romance, this time by reuniting with The Weeknd to follow her features on Starboy and ‘Prisoners’ from his 2015 album Beauty Behind The Madness.

The title track from her upcoming fourth LP, ‘Lust For Life’ exhibits her typically ethereal self, made even more prominent when paired with The Weeknd’s charm. They’re a pair that undoubtedly brings the best out of each other with their complementary voices – despite some unusual rhyming choices (“And a lust for life / Keeps us alive”) it remarkably works through their vocal talents and romantic narrative.

Not only is the song beautiful and enticing, but the official audio upload’s visual has fans intrigued. It bears interesting allusions to the suicide of Hollywood actress Pen Entwistle. Pitchfork’s interview with Clark Jackson, the director of the album trailer, revealed little: “I can’t tell you what all the images were for. Each was important and I think in time, each will be revealed.”

‘Lust For Life’ is out now via Polydor


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