Review: Pale Waves – ‘There’s A Honey’

Eerie & Catchy

An enchanting debut, 'There's A Honey' depicts a failing relationship in an numbing yet extremely infectious fashion.

Joining the legions of bands with oceanic imagery somehow embedded in their names – think VVAVES, WAVVES, and Day Wave – Dirty Hit newbies Pale Waves are certainly making a splash. Around opening up for Superfood and King Nun on the label’s UK tour and joining The 1975 across the US, debut single ‘There’s A Honey’ comes with a production sheen courtesy of George Daniel and Matty Healy.

Like many tracks at the moment, ‘There’s A Honey’ is drearily upbeat with a pained message of the modern world dressed up in bubbly melody and composition. To the untuned parental ear it may be “a bit whiny,” but in fact it depicts the modern-day dualistic nature of relationships with the separation of sex and commitment from a perspective of someone who is doubting their partner’s investment in them (“Honey, please don’t say you’re gonna leave me / I will give you my body / But am I sure that you want me?”).

Eerily catchy through its chilling vocals and unique perspective on a crumbling relationship, it is clear that Pale Waves are set to be something a little bit different. Somehow, ‘There’s A Honey’ dulls the senses: I couldn’t tell you what half the words are despite listening to it at least 120 times. However, a simultaneously well-placed guitar drop and changing rhythm keeps me wide awake into any early morning. I look forward to listening to what will inevitably follow and would greatly appreciate it if they hurried up with more. Please.

‘There’s A Honey’ is out now via Dirty Hit


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