Review: Miley Cyrus – ‘Malibu’


Malibu is nothing incredible or revolutionary but it returns Miley Cyrus to her country roots for a sweet summer soundtrack.

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Miley Cyrus seems to have undergone quite the musical journey (and lifestyle journey) over the years. Starting off with her teeny-bopping Hannah Montana pop days before evolving into something edgier and more grown-up, nobody was quite sure how to take her. In all honesty, despite the consistent trend of good music, she became something of a gimmick. However, ‘Malibu’ takes away the twerking, the phallic imagery of hammers, and the not-so-subtle references to being oh so grown-up. Because of that, it works.

‘Malibu’ is a welcome surprise: it’s a chilled out summer song, perfect for easy listening as you sit on the beach or in the garden. It’s a throwback to the early days of acoustic ‘Jolene’ covers where she was known for her Nashville twang and bright blue eyes. It’s breathes nostalgia, and not just for Cyrus herself as she reflects on her youth spent in Malibu, but for us as we join her in that reminiscing, and reminisce ourselves about the old Cyrus we used to know.

It’s slightly generic with its simple electric guitar line and steady beat, but it’s a rebirth for Cyrus and is a sure promise of good, restrained music to come. Her father Billy Ray (aka Cyrus) said of Miley’s upcoming material that she leans more heavily on her country roots than ever before, and that really excites me. This style gives us a chance to actually hear her voice and just lean back and relax, rather than wonder what exactly she’s trying to achieve. This is pure, unadulterated summer pop.

‘Malibu’ is out now via RCA



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