Review: Rae Morris – ‘Reborn’


The urgency of electronic beats swooping under and over Morris' ethereal vocals make for a fresh, new sound from the accomplished artist.

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Three years after the release of debut album Unguarded, Rae Morris‘ new single shows a real change of direction.

‘Reborn’ begins with an intriguing and authoritative electronic bass line from the Blackpool-born artist to show off her “new beginnings.” Layered with beautiful, swooning vocals – always reminiscent of Kate Bush, her great influence – the urgency of the electronic beats infuriatingly beg to reach their own climax. Instead, it continues on throughout the track, moving from background to foreground but never either losing ground nor masking the accomplished vocal range that Morris offers.

A much-needed tranquil bridge sees her reach ethereal heights, with haunting vocals and heavenly strings as apparent as on Unguarded. As she sings “have they found a cure for me yet?” listeners will wonder exactly what Morris’ rebirth of will involve and mean for both her image as an artist as well as that of her music. If ‘Reborn’ and its just as intriguing visuals are anything to go by, Unguarded’s follow-up will be a fresh and exciting plethora of electronic production, sweeping vocals, and – with a nod to earlier days on the music scene – a touch of classic piano and strings.

‘Reborn’ is out now via Atlantic


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