Review: Plan B – ‘In The Name Of Man’


A soulful track but one which doesn't bring the listener anything new or particularly interesting.

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Plan B‘s first track after a substantial five year hiatus sees the artist, actor, film director, and producer retain the soulful sound which preoccupies breakthrough album The Defamation of Strickland Banks but without the angsty London-tinged rap and vocals which accompanied them.

‘In The Name Of Man’ follows Plan B’s trend of social commentary and makes a statement about the mentality towards war in today’s culture. To this effect, the track works well with its emotive tone and pleading vocals. However, as the first piece of music in his long-awaited return, it falls short of making the impact seen in singles like ‘She Said’ and ‘ill Manors.’ Some moments get close to making the song memorable but ultimately it ends up being a repetitive track with a structure that is often muddled and which doesn’t offer anything new.

After such a long absence, I was expecting more from ‘In The Name Of Man’ but ultimately it’s disappointing and forgettable. Hopefully some of the other tracks on the inevitable soon-to-be announced album will showcase the rapping nous which has become synonymous with the artist and what made his first records such a success.

‘In The Name Of Man’ is out now via Atlantic


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