Review: Adam Lambert – ‘Two Fux’

Full of Pride

A fantastic return to the glam pop punk of his debut album and with a strong message of defiance to the haters.

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Adam Lambert has released his new single, ‘Two Fux’, originally debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live alongside Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen and ahead of their North American tour. The track comes after his 2015 album, The Original High – A dance-heavy collection with a darkness surrounding it, which Lambert credited to feeling vulnerable at the time of writing. ‘Two Fux’ brings us back to where he excels, with a confidence suggestive of his contentment with life at last. Lambert explains, “my last project was about the chase, this time I feel the strength of being exactly, unapologetically where I am. I’m standing my ground to inspire my fans to defy the status quo.”

Appropriately released during Pride month, ‘Two Fux’ is a bona fide pride anthem which excellently employs Lambert’s talents as a vocalist, using falsettos and mid-tempo pop hooks. The lyrics confess that “No one gets me but myself / I’ve been this way since I was 12”, interspersed with deadpan statements that “People think that I’m from Mars / Whatever”. This careful choice of lyrics and presentation implies the overall theme of the song, Lambert doesn’t give ‘Two Fux’.

The melody is driven by a waltz-like clicking piano which perfectly complements Lambert’s vocal artistry. When performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he dedicated the record to the late Freddie Mercury (former Queen Frontman) and both the essence of song’s message, and the operatic tone feels like a tribute to him. In no way does the song come across as an attempt to copy Mercury, it is wholly original and fantastic, yet tips the hat towards him.

Full musician credits have not yet been revealed, but writers include: Sarah Hudson, Ferras Alqaisi, Trey Campbell, Big Taste (who also produced the track), and Adam Lambert. Two-thirds of the way through the song an electric guitar solo is ushered in, performed by Queen’s Brian May on Jimmy Kimmel Live; whether or not it is May on the recorded version is yet to be seen (let’s hope so).

Overall, ‘Two Fux’ is a superb return to the music scene. It is confident, magical and full of pride with a fantastic message to ignore the haters and live as you choose. Lambert returns to the drama of his debut album whilst highlighting his soaring vocals and contagious sass.

‘Two Fux’ is out now via Warner Bros.



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