Review: Tom Misch – ‘South of the River’

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Another classic from the budding producer, however there is still room to grow in the depth and versatility of his lyrical style.

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‘South of the River’ is the brand-new single from South London artist Tom Misch, following the release of his EP –  5 Day Mischon – in March. His growth from SoundCloud bedroom producer to internationally recognised musician is a testament to the quality of his song writing and production, and this latest release elevates his sound even further.

Misch continues to perfect and redefine his production style with every release. His talents as a classically trained violinist and guitar player, blended effortlessly with J Dilla inspired beats, allows each track to radiate individuality and true musicianship. ‘South of the River’ opens with a funk infused violin motif played by Tobie Tripp over a soulful synth pad, which immediately sets the vibe for the next 4 minutes and 22 seconds. Misch’s use of the classic D’Angelo guitar-lick fits nicely into the production, a playful ode to the soulful legends that have come before him.

Given that he has marketed himself mainly as a producer, it is no surprise that the single is weighted more in production than in lyrics, this being most noticeable during the Mid-8, where he chooses to pan and delay the lyric “river”, a style which he has used previously in track ‘Sunshine’. The second verse lacks as much of an impact as the first, with the “woo” vocal sounding a bit lack lustre within the track’s groove – nonetheless, Misch’s ability to easily express relatable storylines and emotions through his lyrics is a notable talent.

‘South of the River’ encapsulates 2017’s summer vibes, providing us with something to wet the palette before the release of Misch’s debut album next year.

South of the River’ is out now via Beyond The Groove


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