Review: Waterparks – ‘Blonde’


They're still catchy as all hell, but damn, Entertainment's first effort marks the first in what I can only call, Waterparks: All Glowed Up.

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After supporting acclaimed rock band All Time Low on tour this year and embarking on several of their own sold-out shows on the back of debut album, Double Dare, Waterparks have been propelled sky-high into the pop-punk stratosphere. And, with the announcement of their upcoming sophomore album, Entertainment, and new single ‘Blonde,’ the Houston-born trio aren’t looking to slow down anytime soon.

“I used to crave a getaway, now I don’t wanna leave” frontman Awsten Knight’s vocals spiral, harking back to 2016’s ‘Crave’ in a lyric-heavy track that winds up reeking of the old-school emo glory days headed by bands like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. Puncturing the song’s drum-leaden hooks, Knight’s voice seems a little unhinged – and in all the best ways. Words are both sung and spat, and anything tender that earmarked Double Dare has long been dropped by the roadside.

We’ve hit a new era of Waterparks: if Double Dare’s ‘Stupid For You’ heralds their saccharine range, Entertainment’s ‘Blonde’ sets it alight and sends it spiraling.

‘Blonde’ is out now via Equal Vision Records


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