Review: Antix feat. Greg Delson – ‘When It Falls’


With music that mixes genres and styles, Antix's latest track proves that he deserves more recognition.

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Antix, whose music has not received the critical attention it deserves, has released his latest track ‘When It Falls’ – a collaboration with Greg Delson – which is likely his best to date as the cleverly constructed beat, and Delson’s vocal, lift the track to something rather special.  Antix bravely experiments with poignant lyrics and mixed-genre approaches. Maybe that is part of the issue (he dips in many genres, without belonging to any), but that gives his music a refreshing new direction.

The beat’s construction is well thought through. Starting more relaxed to allow Antix’s lyrics to become the focal point means listeners engage with his words. The song’s message poignantly reflects on facing adversity and retaining a sense of determination when confronted with life’s hardships.  Antix describes himself as ‘part of a movement of more conscious rap artists’ and the lyrics here show that: they have real meaning, and come across with force and depth.

Delson’s chorus line then builds the beat, before it strips back to a slow humming reminiscent of Rag’n’Bone Man‘s Human. For me, this works really well and gives the song good light-and-shade while allowing a climactic build back into Delon’s chorus. I am left wondering, however, what their two vocals together would have sounded like. Apart from light touches at the end, they occupy separate sections of the track. My penchant against such – thinking back to the Little Mix and Stormzy’s ‘Power’ duet – may bias me somewhat but I think a more combined section would have really completed this song.

What cannot be denied, though, is the fresh input Antix makes here in today’s music scene combining rap, hip-hop, pop, and soul together to create something quite remarkable with a prominent social message. Though not perfect, it shows that hybrid-genre music ought to have a much greater appeal, and perhaps Antix should gain more critical and commercial spotlight himself.

‘When It Falls’ is out now via Raised by Wolves 


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