Review: The Vaccines – ‘I Can’t Quit’


Punchy indie rock ballad is an infectious revival of The Vaccines’ nappy day sounds but with the refinery of a band who have found their feet in the industry.

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The Vaccines have enjoyed a multitude of successes since their classic quintessentially indie rock What Did You Expect from The Vaccines? debuted in 2011. The band has since released two highly acclaimed records, the most recent being English Graffiti in 2015. It’s been three years; we were promised a new album in 2018; the band is delivering just that with new single ‘I Can’t Quit’ from upcoming album Combat Sports. 

Following English Graffiti‘s departure from The Vaccines’ initial sound, a press release claims that the new album will be a ‘return to their roots’, which could provide solace for fans who have longed for more of the rock ‘n’ roll Vaccines, in light of their experimental 2015 release. ‘I Can’t Quit’ is certainly reminiscent of the younger sounds of The Vaccines, with melodic riffs and electronically untainted, raw vocals from Hayward-Young, coupled with his unfalteringly punchy lyrics that will have you screaming the words with car windows rolled all the way down, just like we all did (and continue to do) with ‘Post-Break Up Sex’ and ‘Teenage Icon’. The single is positively-charged and powerful; a crowd-pleaser and feel-good anthem with simple catchy lyrics, akin to the humbly unembellished masterpiece ‘If You Wanna’ that projected the band into the spotlight eight years ago.

‘I Can’t Quit’ is out now via Sony Music



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