Review: Wolf Alice – ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses (Charli XCX x Post Precious Remix)’


Charli XCX takes Wolf Alice's already successful single to new heights, embellishing its emotional core whilst remaining loyal to the original.

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Bona fide popstar Charli XCX has teamed up with Post Precious to remix Wolf Alice‘s ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses’, seamlessly transforming the indie-rock hit into a synthesised electro-pop anthem.

Charli XCX and Wolf Alice have both recently received widespread appraisal with the former charting her seventh UK Top 40 single with ‘Boys’ from her 2017 mixtape Number 1 Angel, whilst the latter burst into the limelight with their second studio album Visions Of A Life in September of last year, earning them their undisputed accolade: third place in The Edge’s Albums of 2017. So, with two artists at the top of their game, the very suggestion of this remix was sure to prod the salivary glands of fans spanning multiple genres; and the result satiates their hunger beyond expectation.

Appeasing diehard Wolf Alice fans must have been a subject looming in the mind of Charli XCX as she thought about remixing the band’s incarnate single, and she does so with great success. The multi-talented singer remains loyal to the original without disrespectfully murdering the songs emotional intention. Overlapping the vocals of Ellie Rowsell on the chorus, Charli XCX maintains the captivating spectral core of the song, whilst using two original verses to provide an uplifting spin. Smoothly purring over the lyrics “Silver and gold in your arms/ Yeah, I burn for you in the dark” Charli XCX is just as honest and open as Roswell is in her original third verse that remains in this remix. What is most successful about this reworking, however, is that Charli XCX heightens and accentuates the original artist as well as herself, taking the single to an eclectic height that arguably surpasses the instantly-celebrated original.

With a third studio album in high anticipation for Charli XCX, and Wolf Alice earning a supporting spot in Queen of the Stone Age’s 2018 tour as well as dates in London supporting Foo Fighters, the future looks tantalising, and if either artist can build upon their former successes, we will soon be basking in their glory all over again.

‘Don’t Delete The Kisses (Charli XCX x Post Precious Remix)’ is available now via Dirty Hit 


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