Review: Jack White – ‘Connected By Love’


Jack White has returned with a new single, but it is entirely uninspiring and altogether rather bland.

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Jack White has released the lead single ‘Connected By Love’ for his upcoming third solo studio album Boarding House Reach, and it is equal parts disappointing as it is uninspiring.

The track is altogether rather sedated by the former White Stripes frontman’s standards. Whilst being an artist defined by his ability to tear into hard-hitting guitar solos and bluesy drum beats, we know that Jack White is also able to succeed when it comes to stripping songs back, just look at ‘We’re Going To Be Friends’, for example. The problem with ‘Connected By Love’ is his indecisiveness. It seems that White is unable to pick between laying back on a sedate, melodious track or a full on typical White Stripes-esque anthem full of angst and unapologetic clamour. In an attempt to marry the two, he fails to deliver on either front.

Opening with a surprisingly heavy-handed serving of synth, ‘Connected By Love’ gets off to an odd start, coming across an attempt to be different just for the sake of it. It’s understandable that White wants to branch out to stop himself being viewed as a one trick pony, but the song still relies on the predictable guitar solo that salvages the track from its pedestrian snare drums. Essentially, the song is not exactly bad, but both lyrically and musically it leaves a lot to be desired.

‘Connected By Love’ is available now via Third Face


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