Review: The Magic Gang – ‘Getting Along’


The Magic Gang are back with another indie anthem, whilst also showing us a more emotional side.

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The Magic Gang have released their new song ‘Getting Along’, and like most of the band’s discography, is a pulsating indie beat that typifies their often upbeat sound whilst also delving into a musically and lyrically emotional state that is perhaps less commonly witnessed. The single also comes in anticipation of the band’s self-titled debut album which is set to be released on the 16th of March, and it’s certainly fulfilling its role in whetting the appetite.

With this latest release, the Brighton based quartet is looking more and more likely to take 2018 by storm, as predicted by their inclusion on The Edge’s List of 2018. The Magic Gang already have the likes of ‘All This Way’ and ‘Alright’ in their arsenal, ready to form the spine of the upcoming album, and ‘Getting Along’ is yet another sure-fire hit to bolster that attack. From the offset, the song is quintessentially indie with heavy guitar influences and the inevitable buoyancy of the beat. The record then erupts into a hard hitting chorus that gets catchier each time you listen. The cathartic chorus is certainly one built to fill arenas, commanding in its delivery and poignant in its message. Overtly open in wearing your heart on your sleeve style, lead singer Jack Kaye takes us through the trauma of losing someone you love to another, crooning “I don’t wanna close my eyes /’Cause then I know it only means when I wake up you won’t be here”.

Once again The Magic Gang are treating us to yet another indie rock anthem, and one can only be even more excited about their upcoming album after hearing this.

‘Getting Along’ is out now via Yala Records


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