Review: 5 Seconds of Summer – ‘Want You Back’


A new sound with an emotional and melancholy feel sets the tone for a new 5SOS era after a long wait.

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After a well-deserved break from nearly four years of touring 5 Seconds of Summer have been working on their third album and are finally returning to the music scene with ‘Want You Back’. The band comes across as more mature, with all of them now in their early twenties, and this seems to be reflected in their new music.

After high levels of fan anticipation, ‘Want You Back’ delivers a very different sound compared to the guitar-centric Sounds Good Feels Good. It has more of a pop style, with less rock, making more use of piano than guitars. Needless to say, they’ve still stuck to their roots with the rockier, alternative parts of the track. The falsetto chorus clearly marks out the band’s developing sound. It’s a new concept but has worked perfectly for ‘Want You Back’ and makes it different to everything else out there right now. The song only features the vocals of lead singer and frontman Luke Hemmings, with his voice fitting the track perfectly.

5 Seconds of Summer have clearly recognised the shift in their sound but stand passionately behind it in the song and change in direction. They may only be in their early twenties but with a career that could last for years to come and having been together for six years already, to keep producing the same style of music would be repetitive and boring for them.

If you wanted more of a rock sound from the pop-rock stars, you are likely to be disappointed. This alternative pop hit may take a bit more listening to get used to but after a long wait, it does not disappoint fans, giving them what they have been waiting for for so long.

‘Want You Back’ is out now via Capitol Records 



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