Review: Charlie Puth feat. Kehlani – ‘Done For Me’


This harmonious duet continues Charlie Puth's impressive streak of hits whilst serving notice that Kehlani is a star for the future.

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The fourth single to be released from Charlie Puth’s upcoming sophomore album Voicenotes is quite possibly his best yet. The Kehlani-featuring ‘Done For Me’ is a Wham! inspired, funky piece of musical mastery.

‘Done For Me’ features a funky, reverberating bassline, silky soft synths and an ethereal reverb which adds to the smooth glow of the track. The single begins with Puth questioning his relationship and wondering “what you’ve done for me”, before effortlessly transitioning into a lover’s quarrel between Puth and the consistently impressive Kehlani. The chemistry between this duo is what elevates this track from mere pop fodder to a genuinely impressive piece of mellow, funky pop. Puth’s falsetto and striking vocal range combine perfectly with the sharp yet sweet vocals of Kehlani whilst both do their best to evoke the emotions portrayed in the lyrics.

This is not the first time the two have combined to great effect; their first effort came in 2015 with their inspired cover of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’. While Kehlani stars just as much as Puth, it is the singer-songwriter who must receive a large chunk of the credit. ‘Done For Me’ continues to build the hype for Puth’s upcoming album; the three tracks released prior to this have all been certified hits. His style appears to have matured from his debut album, moving away from his ‘60s inspired swing towards a funkier, more adult R&B. The 26-year old has built up an impressive repertoire of hits and if his recent activity is anything to go by, then come May 11th we should have an extremely exciting album to listen to.

‘Done For Me’ is out now via Atlantic Records


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