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ZAYN's return to solo action is a good one - 'Let Me' is a smooth and extremely sweet love letter to his ex Gigi Hadid.

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In the two years since he released the chart-topping Mind of Mine, ZAYN’s release schedule has been sporadic yet successful, with his released tracks coming exclusively as collaborations. Whilst partnering with stars such as Taylor Swift, Sia and PartyNextDoor is not exactly a backwards step, the release of solo venture ‘Let Me’ is a welcome change which offers positive signs for his upcoming sophomore album.

‘Let Me’ is pure, smooth R&B designed to tug on the heart strings and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Written eight months ago when he was still in the midst of a blissful relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid, the lyrics are now a bittersweet reminder of the past. The song is effectively a love letter to Hadid, with ZAYN crooning “I’ll take care of you for the rest of your life” and pleading with feeling to “let me be your man”. Matching up gentle guitar chords with a subtle bassline and persistent synths, the track builds effectively to a crescendo of ZAYN’s aching falsetto and choral backing.  ‘Let Me’ is an extremely effective R&B record which signals ZAYN’s impressive growth into an exceedingly capable and talented solo star.

The accompanying video is a further indulgence of ZAYN’s creativity, following on from the dramatic music video for ‘Dusk Till Dawn’. Playing the role of mob henchman, ZAYN is pictured completing a series of errands for the Boss (played by Scarface star Steven Bauer) before a climactic fight scene in which he wins the heart of a mysterious girl, who looks strikingly like his former flame Ms. Hadid. Whilst it strays into cheesy territory at times, the video is pleasing enough on the eye and serves as a solid accompaniment for the track. Look out for this one to rise the charts rapidly – despite his acrimonious exit, ZAYN is still able to exert considerable control over the hearts of Directioners all over the world.

‘Let Me’ is out now via RCA Records


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