Review: Years & Years – ‘Palo Santo’


Another good addition to the album, and a different direction for Years & Years.

‘Palo Santo’ is the latest release from Years & Years, the title track for their upcoming album, available next month. It blends together similar sounds to that of their debut album, harking back to tracks like ‘King’ and ‘Desire’. However, it is much more mellow, and the pace of the track is slowed, much like a love ballad, yet withholding an essence of Years and Year’s electropop sound that is iconic to the group – along with lead singer Olly Alexander’s recognisable vocals.

As with all Years & Years songs, the band avoids using gender specific pronouns. The lyrics of the song seems to be Alexander addressing his ex-lover, hence the lyrics “I got nothing to hide, cos your with another boy” suggests that it was an adulterous relationship, and the lyric “I’ve been sleeping with ghosts” further confirms this. At this point in the track, the beat is slow and the music backing the lyrics is downbeat. However, as the track progresses, the beat speeds up and there is a change in the mood of the lyrics, almost as if Alexander has addressed his demons “you’re the darkness in me Palo Santo”.

The latest addition to the track list of Years & Years’ next album mixes up what I was expecting from Palo Santo (The album), and it’s a welcome change, because everyone loves a love a ballad every now and again, and it gives variety to the more stereotypical tracks that have already been released from the group’s upcoming album.

‘Palo Santo’ is available now via Polydor Records. The group’s next album, Palo Santo, is available 6th July. Years and Years will also be touring the UK later this year.


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