Review: The Novatones – ‘Why Don’t You Listen To Me?’


The Novatones make their case for 2018 with the raw and unrelenting 'Why Don't You Listen To Me?'

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“A tape recorder… It’s running…”

And with that we are launched into the latest voracious single from Southampton-based rockers The Novatones. It’s a memorable opening, for sure, but there’s plenty else in the track’s four-and-a-half-minute runtime to keep it from slipping from your memory any time soon.

One of those songs that truly feels at home in the festival season it has been released in the middle of, ‘Why Don’t You Listen To Me’ goes heavy on the drums and even heavier on the riffs. It’s perfect for those long, hot summer nights when all you want to do is party, the insatiable beat always building and building towards that inevitable, incredible explosion of a crescendo. By the time it all abruptly ends, the speakers have been sent all the way to 11, and then some.

It’s a welcome first taste of The Novatones in 2018, and one that’s been given some welcome airtime on the radios thanks to BBC Introducing. Should the group continue in this direction, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them dominate the airwaves (and who knows, maybe the festival fields too) for the months and years to come.

‘Why Don’t You Listen To Me?’ is available now via The Novatones.


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