Review: Normani ft. 6lack – ‘Waves’


Former Fifth Harmony member Normani silences her critics with the help of 6lack in 'Waves'.

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The new Beyonce in the making. Critics and peers alike have compared her to Queen Bey; I for one believe that she should be allowed to shine in her light and her own time and to be honest with you, Normani is doing just that.

‘Waves’ is the third solo song that Normani has given us since her breaking off completely from Fifth Harmony and I could not be more proud. ‘Waves’ is an ethereal view of love and – quoting directly from the song – 6lack sings, “make love on a full moon”; this also happens to be  Normani’s favourite lyric from the song which she discussed on Zane Lowe‘s Beats One Radio Show. On this track Normani, in my opinion, silences critics that may have doubted her vocal ability and she does not hold back from fully expressing this love she is awaiting that comes – in waves. The song sticks to her R&B roots and if you are a fan of SZA, H.E.R or Halsey, then you will fall in love with this song; the calming melody, the distant vibe that the song gives and its accompanying harmonies all come together to create the masterpiece that is ‘Waves’.

After Normani sings her two verses, 6lack comes in and cements the ethereal aesthetic that the song gives. I only discovered his music properly this year after he did a collaboration with Khalid and Ty Dolla $ign in ‘OTW‘, but his talents should not be overlooked by any means. He’s a singer and rapper and sways in and out of each style of music swiftly on ‘Waves’ – one could even compare him to the likes of Drake if they wanted to – but in this day age we aren’t comparing artists anymore. Everyone is different and brings their own spice to the musical table.

Overall , ‘Waves’ is a complete success. In my opinion, all we need now is a stunning visual to accompany the song and for Normani to continue slaying the game and keep winning.

‘Waves’ is available now via RCA Records.


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