Review: Nicki Minaj – ‘Bust Down Barbiana’


Nicki Minaj's self-released remix is fun in all the right ways.

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The Generous Queen never fails to get people talking and she continues to stamp her legacy in the world of Hip-Hop. After her recent Queen radio episode, Nicki Minaj released two freestyles on the Audiomack, ‘Barbie Going Bad’ and ‘Barbie Drip’ – her own versions of ‘Drip too hard’ by Lil baby and Gunna and ‘Going Bad’ by Drake and Meek Mill respectively. This, of course, sent fans worldwide into a frenzy of retweets of the lyrics and everyone’s own analysis of her lyricism – because if there’s one thing that Nicki Minaj is well known it’s her witty, jam-packed lyrical compositions that push fans to dive deeper into what she is saying. Combining this with her ability to rap over ANY beat, it would be naive of you to ignore Ms Minaj’s lyrical versatility.

‘Bust Down Barbiana’ is a fun freestyle to Blueface’s ‘Thotiana’, a song that has led to men and women participating in a dance craze that involves grabbing their crotches and gyrating up and down – all in good fun of course! Nicki’s remix consists of her using the suffix ‘iana’, putting it at the end of as many words as possible and rhyming them. Although this sounds simple, you have to take into account that ‘Thotiana’ was not a lyrical masterpiece to begin with, and Minaj is merely having fun and playing with words – as lyricists do. Her remix brings back the sport of freestyling back into hip-hop, something that mumble rappers nowadays rarely do, so it’s refreshing to see raw lyrical talent in its prime. It’s also exciting to hear her shout out her friends Ariana Grande and Teyana Taylor (“Killing everybody beat, thank you next Ariana”; “Flow TAYLOR, made like TEYANA”).

Aside from the lyrical prowess we witness, Minaj is simply having fun and preparing her fans for the fifth studio album that has reportedly been finished and ready for release, and I can’t wait to see what other tricks she has up her sleeve.

‘Bust Down Barbiana’ was self-released by Nicki Minaj on Audiomack.


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