Review: Black Honey – I Don’t Ever Wanna Love

Great for Heartbreak

‘I Don’t Ever Wanna Love’ is the perfect break up song, so for those who are experiencing heartbreak, this one is for you.

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Brighton band Black Honey have recently released their new single ‘I Don’t Ever Wanna Love’, their first release since their self-titled debut album last year. For many fans who saw them on their recent tour this song will be familiar to them. The band stick to their roots in this new single portraying ’90s grunge inspired by the likes of Nirvana – one of Black Honey’s main musical influences. ‘I Don’t Ever Wanna Love’ does not have a diverse range of lyrics for a 3minute 10 second long song, but this is typical for Black Honey. However, with the lack of instrumental transitions or power it does make the song quite repetitive. Compared to previous releases this song is much slower and stresses the importance on synths and violin rather than powerful guitar riffs and percussion.

Izzy Baxter (vocals) says “love should be universal, it should be for everybody. I guess I just got sick of the rules. Sick of justifying myself. Sick of feeling judged. Sick of losing.” This statement is embodied throughout the single especially in lyrics such as “I’m only falling when I’m falling bad”. Showing love is an emotion that she is afraid to feel and this could be the reason love is portrayed in such a negative light throughout the song.

Black Honey’s ‘I Don’t Ever Wanna Love’ is available now via Foxfive Records.


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