Review: Matt Maltese – ‘Rom-Com Gone Wrong’


Combining depressingly relatable lyrics with gorgeous vocals, 'Rom-Com Gone Wrong' is certainly a perfect example of what to expect in Matt Maltese's upcoming album, Krystal.

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He’s done it again. Matt Maltese has created yet another song to pity dance to.

The release of ‘Rom-Com Gone Wrong’ comes with the exciting announcement of a new album, Krystal (out November 8th) and just a few weeks after first single ‘Curl Up & Die’ was released.

Combining beautiful melodies with the usual, depressing themes of heart-break, ‘Rom-Com Gone Wrong’ is nothing short of perfection. The chorus line ‘This looks nothing like my life really should […] I feel just like I’m part of a Rom-Com gone wrong’ summarises the inevitable disappointing heartbreak that we all have (or will) experience at least once in our lives, and I’m grateful that Matt has used his gorgeous vocals to successfully demonstrate this pain. A particular memorable aspect of this single which makes it so addictive are the beautiful, descending, chromatic harmonies within the chorus, which sound exactly what I imagine heaven would.

The featured rhyming couplets, alongside the tuneful melodies, make ‘Rom-Com Gone Wrong’ an incredibly catchy track, that is perfect to be played on repeat for whatever mood you’re in (although it’ll probably either dampen your happiness, or worsen your sadness…). The catchy, repetitive piano riff at the beginning of this track make it easily identifiable as one of Matt’s, in its powerful simplicity.

With the two singles released thus far (‘Curl Up & Die’ and ‘Rom-Com Gone Wrong’), it is no doubt that we are in for a treat on November 8th with the release of Matt’s upcoming album.

Be sure to check out the music video for ‘Rom-Com Gone Wrong’ below, and marvel in its bizarre, beautiful and humorous aesthetic. Out now via Tonight Matthew, sevenfoursevensix


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