Review: Coldplay – ‘Everyday Life’


Come on, Chris, work with me here. I'm trying.

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Every time Coldplay release a new song, I wonder, will this be the one? Will this be the song that finally makes me ‘get’ Coldplay? The song that can move me to any single emotion, like, literally, even just one?


The instrumental behind this track is splendid; it sounds almost magical. I get Sigur Rós and Frozen score vibes. As such, I’m instantly disappointed when Chris Martin starts singing over it. I don’t feel the tempo of the vocals matches the instrumentation, but that is my universal criticism of Coldplay. They have one vocal quality that gets slapped on top of every single irrespective of what’s happening within, like the concrete beige colour grading of MCU films.

And the lyrics themselves don’t really help. ‘Cause everyone hurts/Everyone cries/Everyone tells each other all kinds of lies’. A valid observation but hardly a novel one, and when it is delivered with the same unremarkable tonality it’s hard to plumb my soul for the themes of humanity, connection and hope they’re evidently striving for.

Sorry Coldplay, I just don’t care yet. But this is the nicest my not-caring as sounded for a while.

‘Everyday Life’ is out now via Parlophone.


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  1. Yeah, I stopped reading at “like the concrete beige colour grading of MCU films” because this reviewer is a moron.

    That’s DC, not MCU. A person who can’t tell Zack Snyder’s shit from the colorful MCU is not fit to review my Coldplay album.

    Also, how joyless a soul are you?

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