Review: Justin Bieber – ‘Get Me’ (Feat. Kehlani)

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R&Bieber is back with one of his best collaborations to date.

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After dominating Pop landscape back in 2015 with his hit album Purpose, Bieber is back to R&B. “Back?” you may ask… Yes, he released an R&B album two years before Purpose, called Journals – which in my opinion is very good and underrated. Unfortunately, back then, he was new to the genre, only 19 years old and making headlines in the tabloids for his troubles.

Now, six years later, and (maybe) a bit wiser, Justin is trying R&B one more time. ‘Yummy’ was the first single from his upcoming album Changes, and ‘Get Me’ is his newest song, only released as a promotional single but definitely far superior to his previous effort.

The production is a mix of Pop and R&B, and his breathy vocals – actually, very similar to his ex Selena Gomez, fit perfectly with the chorus “High, high, high, you get me”. But what really takes the song to the next level is the addition of Kehlani to the song. She’s one of R&B current Queens and a perfect feature for this record. Take this song as a palate cleanser if you didn’t enjoy ‘Yummy’, and let’s hope the rest of the album has more of this.

And can someone convince Kehlani to release a solo version of this song, please?

Justin Bieber’s fifth studio album, Change, will be released by Def Jam and RBMG on Valentines Day: February 14, 2020.


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