Review: The Magic Gang – ‘Think’


I could not 'Think' of a better return for The Magic Gang than this new single.

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After the release of their debut, self-titled album in 2018, The Magic Gang experienced an incredible surge of fame, with single ‘Getting Along’ having its fair share of radio play. And after just over a year, the band have returned with newest single ‘Think’, which is simply nothing short of wonderful.

Maintaining the addictive nature of the melody (which just so happens to feature in pretty much any song they release), ‘Think’ is unique in its use of brass, which will no doubt have you dancing along before you know it. Another particularly memorable feature is the varying textures throughout the song, which effectively showcases the catchy melodic line whilst also emphasising the timbres of each instrument used.

It’s a guarantee that you will have the lyrics “think for a second” in your head for days after, and you’ll find yourself continuously returning to the single to appreciate its funkiness, catchiness and all-round feel-good nature.

‘Think’ is available now via Warner Music UK Limited.


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