Review: Troye Sivan – ‘Take Yourself Home’


Troye Sivan's chilled-out new song is a fantastic return to music

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“I’m literally going berzerk. I have music and I’m going to release it very soon I just decided”

Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan tweeted this just days into starting quarantine; on April 1st, the aptly named ‘Take Yourself Home’ was made available on all streaming platforms. His first solo release in 2 years after 2018’s Bloom, it follows the albums similar style of synth heavy, harmonising layered vocals, with a laidback vibe. Its lyrics question the singers place in the world, speaking of a tiredness with his current place; it almost reads as a self-realisation, with the line ‘If I’m gonna waste my time then it’s time to go’ implying a want to move forward, past this current restlessness. A very apt feeling for those currently struggling in quarantine. The chilled out vibe shifts to a more club-esque, low dance beat by the end of the song, inferring that Sivan’s future releases will revolve around a more heavy dance-centred sound, akin to previous releases ‘Dance to This’ and ‘Cool’.

Acknowledging the financial struggles that have been faced by independent creatives since quarantine started, Sivan used his music video for the budget to work with freelance artists instead, tweeting that ‘this is a tough and scary time and I feel so lucky to have music and art to get me through emotionally and financially and I want to share that so bad.’. ‘Take Yourself Home’ has, thus, inadvertedly become an anthem for struggling artists out there everywhere right now, with Sivan feeling that he has to donate his budget showing the lasting wide effect of COVID-19 beyond its physical deadliness. ‘Take Yourself Home’ is available everywhere now, and eventhough it’s not my favourite Troye song, it has me very excited for more music on the horizon from this young pop star.

Troye Sivan’s ‘Take Yourself Home’ is out now via Universal Music Australia.


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