Review: Neck Deep – ‘When You Know’

Simple but catchy

Neck Deep have produced a super-catchy summer love song but it just feels a bit basic

  • 5.7

Ben Barlow and co are back and are being very romantic on the follow up single ‘When You Know’ from their upcoming album All Distortions Are Intentional.

The pop-punk outfit has progressed their sound over the years and although the new single still features the guitar tones and drum patterns we’ve grown to love from Neck Deep, it has a much softer feel than their previous work.

‘When You Know’, as Barlow has put it, “is about realising you’re in love” and the song’s title is inspired by the old saying ‘when you know, you know’. The lyrical content of the song is quite basic and simplistic and doesn’t show off the bands ability to write songs with deeper emotional meaning. As a whole, the song comes off as a bit cheesy, particularly when Barlow sings words like ‘baby’. However, it is very catchy and does the job of being a summertime, feel-good, light-hearted love song.

The music video for the new single came as a result of the restrictions of COVID-19. As the band couldn’t record a video, they called upon their fans and friends to contribute clips of them being creative and holding signs with the lyrics to the song. This collaboration has created a wholesome video which fits the theme of the song perfectly and is a much-needed display of positivity needed at this time.

‘When You Know’ is available via Hopeless Records


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  1. The lyrics paint a picture of a love that was once strong but has now become strained, with both parties clinging to what remains. The chorus, powerful and anthemic, expresses the internal conflict of holding onto something that may no longer be right.

    Throughout the song, Neck Deep expertly conveys the emotional struggle of realizing when a relationship has run its course. The lyrics explore the concept of “knowing” deep down that it’s time to move on, even though it may be incredibly difficult. This relatable theme strikes a chord with listeners who have experienced the heartache of holding onto something that no longer brings them joy or fulfillment.

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