Review: James Blake – You’re Too Precious


'You're Too Precious' may be the sweetest love song you'll have heard so far this year.

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James Blake‘s latest release ‘You’re Too Precious’ demonstrates everything that fans of his love: repetitive and addictive beats, and beautiful vocals.

Following the release of his latest album Assume Form (2019), James Blake entered the mainstream music scene more so than he had ever before, with the album containing well-known names such as Travis Scott, Moses Sumney and André 3000. It seems ‘You’re Too Precious’ follows suit on what we heard on Assume Form, with its musical accompaniment and beat being somewhat simple and repetitive but nonetheless effective.

Much of Assume Form was also dedicated to Blake’s partner, Jameela Jamil, and it seems that this latest single is too. The lyrics are simple and repetitive, but sweet. As James sings “I don’t think I deserve you, I don’t think anyone could” it becomes clear that ‘You’re Too Precious’ is much more than a catchy beat… it is also a love song.

What’s so great about Blake’s music is that each song avoids the over-used traits of any typical love song, such as repeated clichés. Instead, the lyrics in ‘You’re Too Precious’ are artistically delivered and extremely thoughtful and personalised. Blake’s selfless nature is revealed as he sings gorgeously “I’ll be a bubble, I’ll make myself useful”.

‘You’re Too Precious’ is, in summary, the love song of 2020 so far. Blake’s incredible musicianship shines through and he has delivered the love song that many of us may need to hear right now.

‘You’re Too Precious’ is available to listen to now via Polydor Limited. 


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