Review: Matt Maltese: ‘queen bee’


'queen bee' is Matt Maltese's pretty new love song

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Following the release of his 2019 album Krystal Matt Maltese is back with a new single ‘queen bee’ as well as announcing his new EP Madhouse for release August 7th. Almost entirely self-produced, ‘queen bee’ is a light, playful track but also a bittersweet love song as he sings of natural disasters, internet trolls and the prospect of finding your one true love. It’s a song that speaks to your future lover with hints of cynicism and some lovesick soppiness.

Know for his pity party songs such as ‘Misery’ and ‘As the World Caves in’ this single shows Maltese as a talented songwriter and no doubt extends his horizon and represents him as a diverse singer-songwriter.


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