Review: Nothing But Thieves – ‘Real Love Song’

Dark and atmospheric

Nothing But Thieves return with a vulnerable track about the darker side of love that may take a while to grow on you.

  • 5.7

Nothing But Thieves made a striking return to music with the lead single, ‘Is Everybody Going Crazy?’  from their upcoming album, Moral Panic, and their latest release, ‘Real Love Song’ is an adequate follow up. The South-end five-piece premiered the new song exclusively on Annie Mac’s show on Radio 1 as the Hottest Record in the World.

Despite the songs brighter, pop, sound, the song attempts to tackle a darker side of love. Conor Mason opens up vulnerably about the pain of unrequited love and the dark effects it can have on your life. The title perfectly sums up the song’s meaning. It is a song that strips away the idealistic outlook on love in place of a more painful but honest experience.

The song is driven by such a crisp drum beat which helps build the dark atmosphere that the honest lyrics imply. Guitar riffs are what the band specialise in, and the chorus of ‘Real Love Song’ features a distorted guitar line that compliments Mason’s falsetto delivery of the lyric “It won’t go away”; this combination almost sounds like a desperate cry for help.

This single does feel slightly disappointing compared to their previous work, as it seems like there isn’t as much genuine passion in the song’s verses and the simplicity of the lyrics can be a turn off on first listen. However, after a few plays, the song will start to grow on you. These new releases may be more pop-leaning than expected from the band but it is a sound that is working for them and I am excited to see what direction they chose to head in on Moral Panic.

‘Real Love Song’ is available now via Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited.


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