Review: AJ Tracey and Mabel – ‘West Ten’

Summer banger

AJ Tracey and Mabel are back with the perfect summer garage tune!

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Ché Wolton Grant, professionally known as AJ Tracey, really seems to be the man of the hour in the rap and garage scene.His newest single, ‘West Ten’, is another collaboration with fellow West London artist Mabel, with whom he previously collaborated with in 2016. Tracey has been busy this year and this link-up with Mabel will be his third collab in 2020, having previously worked with MoStack and Aitch.

‘West Ten’ pays homage to West London, and AJ Tracey reflects on how he has come on both his musical journey and his personal journey in his verses. Both artists really suit this style of song, and it shows off their respective talents perfectly.

The track opens with a distorted vocal effect and simple synth beat that quickly moves into Mabel’s soulful voice singing over a super catchy garage beat, which sets the tone for the rest of the song. Mabel is an artist who has an essence of confidence not only in her live performances but also in her delivery of lyrics. She calls out an ex-lover in the song, stating ‘Babe you know I ain’t waitin’ for you’, exuding her strong confident female energy.

AJ Tracey’s verses throughout the song are smooth and full of the clever wordplay that we have grown to love from him. He repeats the line “but I did it, I did it” multiple times on the track, celebrating how much he has grown both career-wise and personally throughout his life. As this song is a homage to his home and his roots, AJ makes it clear that although his career has taken off he will always be loyal and proud of where he comes from.

The upbeat, pop vibe of this AJ Tracey and Mabel collaboration makes it the perfect summer anthem. It’ll definitely be blasted on every radio station in the coming months.

‘West Ten’ is available to listen now on Spotify


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