Review: FUDGE. – ‘Not a Threat, Just a Warning’


FUDGE.'s newest single gives us the hard rock heavy vibes we all know and love

  • 4/5

FUDGE. are an up and coming band from Leeds who are ready and willing to make their mark on the music scene. After blasting out onto the industry back in 2018 with their single, ‘Walrus’, FUDGE. are back once again with a banger by the name of ‘Not a Threat, Just a Warning’.

A rock band through and through, ‘Not a Threat, Just a Warning’ starts out with a simple guitar riff, before the drums and singing take over. I’m a sucker for a tune with a good drum beat, and this song is no exception. When paired against the accompanying guitar and steady bassline, it’s a match made in heaven. FUDGE.’s work definitely gives me Cribs, The Black Keys and Royal Blood vibes, with deep vocals layered over heavy rock beats.  ‘Not a Threat, Just a Warning’ is a proper headbanger of a song. It’s feel good, it’s upbeat- it’s rock.

The breakdown midway through the song has probably got to be my favourite part. I love a good build up, and the end result is worth it- a killer guitar solo and the drummer just going wild. I can only dream of the mosh pits it’ll inspire.

FUDGE. might still be relatively underground on the scene, but this newest song proves that they’re definitely a band to keep your eye on. I for one will definitely be trying to catch them live next time they swing around Southampton.

‘Not a Threat, Just a Warning’ is available to listen to now.


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