Review: Glass Animals – ‘Heat Waves’


Glass Animals' newest track feels as though it lacks individuality, however, maintains an electro-pop vibe that doesn't fail to draw you in.

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Psychedelic pop band Glass Animals, who formed in Oxford in 2010, have released a wealth of experimental and funky tracks so far over their 10-year career, however, their latest tune ‘Heat Waves’ doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Glass Animals, who are known for their quirky, electronic sound, recently released the rhythmic track ‘Heat Waves’ to fit alongside prior releases (potentially for an upcoming album) ‘Your Love (Deja Vu)’ and ‘Dreamland’. Unlike their other 2020 releases, ‘Heat Waves’ appears to be missing the unique vibe of Glass Animals’ usual sound. Although it flows as an electronic pop track that you could imagine listening to whilst chilling with your friends, the track just doesn’t feel exciting.

‘Heat Waves’ sounds generic; I could liken it to many pop bands releasing tracks at the moment. However, this is not to say that it isn’t an enjoyable song. Lead singer (and writer/producer) Dave Bayley’s voice stands strong and flows beautifully with the melodies of the track, drawing you into the soft sounds.

Perhaps ‘Heat Waves’ aims to show another side of Glass Animals’ sound, but for me, it doesn’t quite match the strength and individuality of previous songs.

‘Heat Waves’  is available to listen to now via Wolf Tone Records.


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