Review: The Hunna – ‘I Wanna Know’


Although 'I Wanna Know' showcases the band's incredible energy, its repetitive verses dampen the single's success

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Perhaps best known for their debut 2016 album 100, which features one of their most famous singles ‘She’s Casual’, The Hunna have gone from strength to strength since. Their debut gained them a reasonably large following considering that they had only formed the year before. Since then, they’ve gone on to release Dare (2018).

They are currently releasing singles from their upcoming album titled I’d Rather Die Than Let You In, and, unlike the last two albums, these singles unfortunately fail to present a distinctive and unique sound. If they’re any indication on how the rest of the album is going to fare, it’s not a good sign.

As ‘I Wanna Know’ opens, the repetitive verse begins. At first, this is really effective; its repetition enables the single’s somewhat addictiveness and its memorable nature. But after a while, it gets tiresome. How many more times can lead singer Ryan Potter sing “I wanna know”?

And the answer to that question is… a lot. Luckily, though, the chorus diminishes this issue as it enters in a strong and powerful fashion, with Potter’s rather impressive vocal tessitura being showcased front and centre. It’s easy to escape into the “old” Hunna with this chorus – but then it ends, and you’re taken back to the mundane verse.

In previous songs from the band, it’s the vocals which catch listeners out and make the song. However, in ‘I Wanna Know’, it’s the instrumental break-down following the end of the final chorus lines that is the most captivating. These dominant guitar chords, making a lot a noise, stand out as being the most successful part of this single.

‘I Wanna Know’ proves that the band like making a lot of noise, and it’s extremely energetic. But the energy is in the wrong place – instead of over-compensating on the riffs, the band should focus their attention on avoiding dull repetitions.

I’d Rather Die Than Let You In is due to be released on October 2nd 2020 via LMW Records. Listen to ‘I Wanna Know’ now down below.


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