Review: IDLES – ‘A Hymn’; A Rejoice of the Mundane


The newest single from IDLES sets the tone for what we can expect from their third album: artistry, emotion, dedication.

  • 5/5

IDLES are anything but mundane. Their newest single, however, makes talk of the mundane feel meaningful. The band call the single “a hymn that rejoices in the sinister flesh-eating virus of the pedestrian”, and there’s no better way to describe it.

It’s not often that songs dare to talk about the mundane nature of the “normal”. Because, how can you sell a song that speaks of Zumba classes and Astras? Well, apparently you get your parents to star in the video whilst creating an atmosphere of familiarity that’s almost threatening. Yep – IDLES did just that.

‘A Hymn’ highlights the fears and desires of every human being. In a time where we cannot gather in large groups, this single unifies listeners across the world in the desperate, relatable lyric “I want to be loved / Everybody does”.

More slow-paced and quieter than the other single releases from Ultra Mono so far (which include ‘Mr. Motivator’ and ‘Grounds’), ‘A Hymn’ stands out for good reason. If Ultra Mono is going to sound anything like this, we’re definitely in for a treat.

‘A Hymn’ is available to listen to now via Partisan Records, and Ultra Mono is due for release on September 25th.


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