Review: Boy Pablo – ‘Honey’; A Sickly Sweet Summer Love Song

60s summer psychedelia

Boy Pablo makes summer a hundred times better with his take on lovesick harmonies and melodies.

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Norwegian bedroom pop sensation Boy Pablo has shared the new single ‘honey’ along with b-side single ‘JD’s song’, the second release from his upcoming album Wachito Rico (out October 23rd). Following on from the lead single ‘hey girl/i just wanna go home’, ‘honey’ gives you a near toothache from its sickly sweet vibes. Not only is it the perfect summer song, but it puts on display Pablo’s growing confidence in the studio as he strays away from the lo-fi bedroom recordings from his youth and his 2017 single ‘Everytime’. Fusing lush production with jangly, sun-kissed 60s melodies, subtle notes of MPB and boss nova which nod towards his Latin American background and a dreamy chorus that expresses Pablo’s lovesick mood with ‘baby you are really something else’ and ‘I’ve never smiled like this before’ its the most psychedelic-leaning track to date.

Much like his previous work, ‘honey’ and ‘JD’s song’ have reintroduced Pablo as being a singer-songwriter growing into and maturing with his sound. With each new release of the forthcoming LP, the Norweigian songwriter is articulating what makes him so different and distinct amongst today’s indie-pop landscape. Seemingly so carefree and wistful on the surface, his woozily romantic brand of music actually harbours carefully shaded emotional nuances and surprising depths of musical complexity beneath its facade, with a tongue-in-cheek personality; the lilting melodies balance heartache with lightness and serenity.

‘honey’ and ‘JD’s song’ are out now via 777 MUSIC.


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