Review: Knuckle Puck- ‘What Took You So Long?’; Modern Pop-Punk At It’s Best

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Knuckle Puck have released yet another banger and it does not disappoint

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Chicago pop punk outfit Knuckle Puck have released another single, titled ‘What Took You So Long?’, in anticipation of their third studio album 20/20 which is scheduled to be released on September 18th of this year.

Opening up the single with aggressively bright riffs that stand out from every  generic song on the scene, this initial sound is reminiscent of their older work in the most positive way possible. One of the things you’ll notice straight away is how good both vocalists, Joe Taylor and Nick Casasanto, sound here on this track. You can easily tell how much both singers have improved in their vocal ability over the years and it seems as if this upcoming album will feature their best vocal performances yet.

The five-piece always know how to create an infectious blend of roaring guitars, crashing drums and breath-taking pop punk hooks and ‘What Took You So Long?’ is a fantastic display of this talent. Lyrically this song may not be the strongest, but it is certainly an anthem for those trying to let go and find peace within themselves. When discussing the single Casasanto shared that “writing this song helped me learn how to let go and simply be the vehicle for my own thoughts.”

Knuckle Puck have released yet another fantastic single in the lead up to 20/20, and ‘What Took You So Long?’ is arguably the best single the band have put out so far this year. The track is full of energy from start to finish and is modern pop-punk at its best.

‘What Took You So Long?’ is available now via Rise Records.


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