Review: Dua Lipa ft. Madonna and Missy Elliot – ‘Levitating [The Blessed Madonna Remix]’; A Cultural Reset


The Queens are back and they attacked!

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Remixes are usually never as good as the original, however ‘Levitating (feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott)’ is an undoubtable exception. The song has been highly anticipated but SLAPS harder than anyone could have imagined. It merges noughties, 80s and electronic music making you feel nostalgic but futuristic (get it, because the album is Future Nostalgia).

The track begins with a heavy bass produced by The Blessed Madonna, then Dua Lipa’s beautiful lyrics come in, accompanied with Madonna’s backing vocals. Madonna’s vocals are absolutely amazing in this track, taking you back to early Madonna – she really is the Queen of Pop, a woman who easily evolves with the changing musical landscape.

Fans cannot get enough of this, with many anticipating an underwhelming track, however the Queens of music prove just why we should never doubt the excellence of these three women. Not to mention, Missy Elliot gives us sick rhymes transporting you back to the era where every single track featured her. Missy Elliot has been relatively quiet in the music scene in recent years; is this her comeback? Because if so, we are so ready for it.

Overall ‘Levitating (feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott) is a cultural reset, it has transformed pop music – I cannot stop playing it and now we can only hope there is a full length album in the works featuring the past, present and future of music!

Listen to ‘Levitating (feat. Madonna and Missy Elliot) [The Blessed Madonna Remix]’ via Warner Records UK.


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