Embracing the Rainbow: A Review of Jaden’s ‘Rainbow Bap’


Jaden is at it again proving his haters wrong in killer new summer track 'Rainbow Bap'.

  • 5/5

Someone must have broken Jaden’s heart because he is coming out with constant bangers about lost love. ‘Rainbow Bap’ is showing a new side of Jaden; his music is maturing. He’s embracing the rainbow, filling the song with colour and positivity, despite the song being about lost love. It echoes the same themes as his earlier track from Eyre, ‘Summertime in Paris’, as he’s still searching for his long-gone lover. This is evident when he says, “Just another cold mornin’ in Paris” which echoes a line from ‘Summertime in Paris’, “when I open my eyes, I wish to see you”. The only thing that has changed from the song before to this track is Jaden has matured and has seen the wrong he has done.

This is the second song from his upcoming album CTV3: Cool Tape Volume 3. This built new aesthetic of the newest LP sees Jaden focus on calming beats, with a soothing sound but boisterous rap stylings. The bars on this track are undeniably amazing and proves Jaden is massively underrated.

The song is gritty and calming with a soothing guitar beat making for the perfect summer evening track. Jaden proves his haters wrong; he battles a lot with being Will Smith’s son and not being taken seriously in the music industry. However, this track shows he has plenty of talent and if this is what CTV3 is going to sound like, we should be expecting great things!

‘Rainbow Bap’ is available to listen to now via MSFTSMusic.


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