Review: Chartreuse – ‘Enemy’s Belly’


Chartreuse have delivered the perfect single to study, walk, or relax to.

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Chartreuse, a 4-piece band from the Black Country, have two EPs under their belt from last year and another due to be released in October of this year, titled Keep Checking On Me. From this upcoming EP, the band have unveiled two singles – ‘Tall Grass’ and ‘Enemy’s Belly’. The latter of these exists as proof that this band should be way more popular than they are currently. 

The vocals of Chartreuse is usually what stands out the most in their music, with their reliance on typical traits of indie music evident in the emotive layering of voices. However, ‘Enemy’s Belly’ portrays considerably less focus on the vocals and more attention is placed on its upbeat musical accompaniment.

As the single opens with a dreamy chiming bell sound, it’s instantly unique. As the song continues and the drums begin playing some repetitive but energising rhythms, ‘Enemy’s Belly’ becomes a song that you could listen to whilst walking or studying. Its chill beats, which are upbeat and optimistic throughout, make it incredibly easy to play on repeat. 

This band will no doubt continue to impress with the release of Keep Checking On Me, but for now ‘Enemy’s Belly’ is enough to satiate any music lovers needs with its gorgeously soft vocals and energising accompaniment. 

‘Enemy’s Belly’ is available to listen to now via Communion Music, and Keep Checking On Me is due for release on October 9th. 


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