Review: BTS – ‘Dynamite’; Fun and Upbeat


BTS have returned with their biggest song yet and it is bursting with 'a little funk and soul'

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Global superstars BTS are back with their first single since Map of the Soul 7 and, with the help of the very supportive BTSArmy, have broken YouTube records with the disco-inspired hit, ‘Dynamite’. This is the Korean boybands first song that is entirely in English, and the boys sound very confident singing in a language that not every member is fluent in. Straying away from their native tongue on this very accessible pop banger allows the band to place higher on English speaking charts and will help the group in their pursuit to ‘crack America’.

The single opens up with vocalist Jungkook, and his vocals sound absolutely fantastic. His verse is full of energy and although the lyrics may not be the most thought-provoking they are still really fun to listen to and just fit the overall upbeat vibe the song has is made for. From just these few bars you immediately know it is going to be a banger, and that this is yet another genre that BTS can nail.

Jimin’s higher vocal range is utilised perfectly during the first and final chorus of this single and he harmonises so well with Jungkook to the point where it’s almost too sweet. Every member of the band sound great during their individual sections of the song and, although the transition to different vocalists like that could end up being slightly jarring, the group complete each transition smoothly.

The bass during the bridge is complete ear candy and so so so delicious. It really adds to the whole disco, retro vibe the band are aiming for and gives a more authentic feel to this very tightly knit cleanly produced track.

BTS are well and truly on their way to dominating the world with their super catchy and widely appealing pop songs. The group were one of the acts that performed live at this year’s VMAs, with their performance also showing off their impeccable dance skills – this is just another reason why this band are so successful. ‘Dynamite’ is a fun, light-hearted, danceable jam that is so easy to listen to.

‘Dynamite’ is available to listen to now via BigHit Entertainment


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