Review: Boy Pablo – ‘leave me alone!’; ‘A Psychedelic Band For the Current Generation’


Boy Pablo is delivering, as we knew he would. 'Leave Me Alone' is a track everyone should hear purely for the narrative and the seamless creation of such a retro, refreshing sound.

  • 7.5

Not to sound too pathetic but I’m now at this point, a full on Boy Pablo stan and there is no. Going. Back. It started out with adding ‘Losing You ‘ to one of my playlists a few months ago and now, here we are, learning Spanish on Duolingo in the hopes of feeling like a real fan and dedicating myself to his mother tongue. I’m kidding I would never go that far…*nervous laughter*

Nicolas Muñoz, the singer-songwriter behind the indie pop project, has come an incredibly long way in evolving his sound and solidifying who he is and what he’s all about. Adopting past music era characteristics such as A-side and B-side singles, trademark twangy guitar riffs and blooming retro sounds, Boy Pablo are becoming a psychedelic band for the current generation. Their newest single ‘leave me alone!’ is a story narrative which is essentially about not wanting to leave a party early because of FOMO. The opening lyrics are in Muñoz’s native language, ‘No me quiero ir’ which translates to ‘I don’t want to leave’. His voice teeters on the edge of an emotional breakdown, implying that we’re in for a tantrum song, a tantrum song with contradicting electrifying sounds of sunshine and undertones of lo-fi beats.

Muñoz implies that the first verse is about re-gaining control as he sings ‘I don’t think that’s it’s fair, I’m putting my foot down I’m staying here’ which I admittedly thought was a mad power move in the context of the song. Mans just wants to dance, leave him alone. The chorus, which is a delicious amalgamation of happy-go-lucky beats and carefree vibes, is seamlessly introduced through a few stuttering drum beats and dives straight in to ‘I don’t wanna go home’, mirroring the Spanish line spoken at the beginning. But the second verse is a little less cut-throat and Muñoz confesses ‘The truth is I don’t want to stay without you’ which pulls at the heartstrings as he tries to convince us its worth staying saying ‘And if we go we’ll miss it all’ the dreaded FOMO creeping up to ruin your good time.

Just to top it off we get a full verse in Spanish, which is an unusual pairing with such indie pop sounds, proving Boy Pablo are continuing to create new fresh records that are unlike anything we’ve previously heard. His Chilean heritage is at the forefront of the record showing off his personality and where his roots come from. Like I said, Boy Pablo has come a long way from mellow bedroom pop that was showcased in his 2018 EP ‘Soy Pablo’ and with a new debut album on the horizon set for an October release, there is no stopping what this Norwegain-Chilean singer-songwriter is capable of. I for one can’t wait to see the album ‘Wachito Rico’ in my Spotify downloads, mark October 23rd in your calendar it’s gonna be a big day.

‘leave me alone!’ is available to listen to now via 777 Music. 


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