Review: Greta Van Fleet – ‘My Way, Soon’; 70s Inspired Riff-Fuelled Rock


If you don’t like Greta Van Fleet we are not friends, and I mean that in the most disrespectful way possible.

Rock band, Greta Van Fleet, gave returned with brand spanking new material for the first time in over a year. The quartet have been on a steady incline since their 2017 EP ‘From The Fires’, which features their Grand Prix track ‘Highway Tune’ that is now a regular on many rock music radio stations. Many people may call the band a bunch of wannabes from constant comparisons to other well known successful rock bands, but the new single ‘My Way, Soon’ is nothing but pure Greta Van Fleet.

A somewhat frenzied and unprecedented release of a two-day warning before the track dropped (and an incredibly cryptic Instagram post) I scrambled to Spotify to immediately play the single that I and many others had been craving. Vocalist Josh Kiszka, a 24-year-old with a sucker punch voice was immediately recognised for being a huge talent, alongside his flamboyant fashion. He’s a rockstar for the new generation with hints of the past legends which is deniably present in the single. The forward placing of his voice creates an incredibly distinctive tone that sounds a lot higher than it actually is due to Kiszka boosting the harsher harmonics and adding his own vocal nuances and accentuating the vowels giving bounce to his voice, when you listen to Greta you don’t just listen, you’re given an experience. No one can sing like Josh Kiszka and, last year when the singer came down ill during their North American tour fans were thinking the worst, that his vocal abilities would be stemmed, however, Kiszka is back with hair-raising notes and glass-shattering howls introducing the signature Greta Van Fleet mannerisms back into our lives.

The quartet are a family project, with drummer Danny Wagner being an exception as a family friend, the Kiszka brothers make up the rest of the band. Guitarist Jake, Josh’s twin, may be one of the finest guitarists of our generation, evolving rock and roll in the most controlled way possible for a young rockstar. Unlike some guitarists, the string along 6-minute guitar solo (Hotel California you best believe I’m looking at you), he still gets his moments to shine. The solo is one jam-packed with high pitched, twangy riffs that are rapidly repeated over and over which make it perfect for those uncontrollable bursts of joy that steer you on to dance laps and laps of your kitchen and perfect your air guitar (totally did not dance around my entire room).

Away from musical arrangements and powerhouse vocals, the lyrics of the record are extremely emotional and liberating for the Frankenmuth boys. Themes of freedom, transformation and a realisation of some sort are at the center of the track and painfully obvious through the title ‘My Way, Soon’ and lyrics ‘I’ve packed my bags and I’ve freedom, I’ve sacked the rules so I don’t have to heed them’. This track is a whopper of a comeback track, singing of freedom and a carefree attitude is perhaps the most rock and roll thing to do, especially for a young rock band who constantly see themselves as evolving in their style of music.

The second studio album, which is no doubt just on the horizon, has been called an ‘evolution of sound’ and ‘nothing like our older stuff’ from Josh and Jake Kiszka themselves. If the new single is anything to go off, the new era won’t just be a second studio album it’ll be a pivotal moment in reformed rock and roll and will steamroll Greta Van Fleet up to the legend status and on the lists amongst some of the greats.

Greta Van Fleet’s latest track ‘My Way, Soon’ is available now via Republic Records. Check out the music video below. 


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  1. Damn, girl, I couldn’t have hoped to have said it anywhere near that well myself! I just discovered them yesterday, and Josh’s vocals were so electrifying, I nearly drove off the road. He is a unique, extraordinary talent and Greta’s tunes, sound and baddness have got my heart singing. Thanks for confirming what every atom of my being had already told me was true

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